Content & Trigger Warnings

The BLACKOUT duology is set in a near-future dystopia and addresses a number of themes and issues that readers may find distressing or triggering. On this page you will find content and trigger warnings for both novels. I encourage readers to please be mindful of your own needs and exercise self-care. I am happy to provide more information or detail on the content of the novels – please contact me if you would like further information.

BLACKOUT content and trigger warnings

  • Viewpoint character with OCD (fears of contamination/ depiction of associated rituals and obsessive worries/intrusive thoughts about contamination and harm to others)
  • Multiple and sometimes prolonged scenes of physical violence, threat and critical injury
  • Themes around domestic abuse, emotional abuse and coercive control
  • Multiple characters affected by traumatic bereavement of family members (from illness and violence)
  • Brief, non-graphic references/allusions to historical sexual abuse
  • One scene depicting sexual harassment of a viewpoint character

SPARKS content and trigger warnings

  • Viewpoint character with OCD (fears of contamination/associated rituals/obsessive worries & intrusions about contamination and harm to others)
  • Viewpoint character with PTSD related to violent deaths of family members – narrative contains one flashback to the event and depiction of dissociative experiences)
  • Characters discuss deaths of family members (parents and siblings); themes around processing loss, grief and uncertainty
  • Scenes involving violent deaths and one death from illness/infection
  • Some non-graphic references/allusions to past sexual abuse and the character’s behavioural and emotional reactions to this
  • Scenes of physical and psychological torture
  • Scene depicting critical injury of a main character
  • References to past experiences of domestic abuse (parent to child)